Styches Tips and Tricks

This section will hold some useful tips that you can include into your own scripts. It also suggests methods by which you can structure a game to create a better flow. As with all these things, one persons view can vary greatly from anothers, so feel free to completely ignore these suggestions if you wish.

If you have any tips or tricks which you would like to share, please contact us and we'll add them in here.

Game Flow

With Styches, you can write games whose structure follows a CYOA style, creating a branching story structure where the player makes choices that dictate the path through the story. Alternatively, Styches can be used to create a more traditional text adventure style game where the player solves puzzles (in their broadest sense) to progress through the game.

With the more traditional game style, since we don't have the 'mystery' of the player having to select the correct combination of objects and verb etc which can be a key element of the puzzle nature of the game. With Styches, that mystery is removed since all the choices for the player are presented as hypertext. Therefore, puzzles have to be designed differently and as we discover neat ways to present puzzles, we'll add them to this page.