Styches Roadmap

In this section, we will detail up and coming changes to the Styches platform.

None of these potential changes are guaranteed to make it into the platform. If there is anything you would like to see, please drop us a message.

  • Graphical script editor, to enable a slightly less esoteric method to develop and edit Styches games

  • A set of commands and supporting structures to enable what we shall call 'non-player characters' (or NPCs for short). This will take quite a lot of thought regarding just how simple or complex to make these facilities whilst making them simple to use. I suspect that these facilities will probably end up not pleasing anyone, but you never know.

  • Do we need a forum? I think maybe we'll just hook onto an existing IF support site and use theirs as running a dedicated forum might be a bridge too far in terms of required effort which might be better spend expanding and supporting the developement of Styches.