Styches Introduction

Styches is an attempt to code a 'general purpose' scripting engine to present web based interactive fiction. Interaction with the user is via clickable hyperlinks. Styches allows you to code a game using a single script file and then that script can be 'played' by anyone you share the link with.

You can use Styches in one of 3 ways:

Firstly, you can enter a script into a text window and then click the test game button. This will display a popup window that is supposed to simulate a mobile device. Close the popup, adjust your script and go again....

Secondly, you can upload a text file, which you have edited locally, into the database along with an icon file and a background colour. It is then possible to (again) display a popup window to test your script. When you have uploaded a script in this way, if you have the app installed on a mobile device, logging in with your username/password will allow you to install your game for testing.

Finally, once you have uploaded your script, you can run the script within a new browser window. By sharing this link with others, they can also run your script and do not need to log in or register. Please be aware though that sharing your unique link will expose your game script to those other parties and they can disect and 'borrow' what you might consider your copyright. Therefore, please only share if you are sharing for testing purposes or you do not mind the entire script being readable.

Currently, each registered user can only upload a single game script; this restriction is because the whole site is currently maintained and funded as a hobby and bandwidth and storage cost money :)

The final goal will be to provide this website and app for free and to take the best game scripts and convert them to fully fledged, standalone apps and sell them via the various app stores. more on this later.