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Nearly there; a lot of tiny fixes
Posted: 21-08-2017
Well we've made some good strides over the last week or so and fixed quite a few little niggles and errors. Alongside that, there are some small tweaks to the website layout. Much encouragement!
Are we there yet?
Posted: 09-08-2017
I think we might actually be there with the website. As we all know, these things are never actually finished; they simply reach a point where you are happy that there is some content that fits the bill and that there aren't too many errors. I believe that point has been reached. Hoo-flippin-ray.
Appreciate there is still a little bit of work to do on the example game tutorial to get the highlighting of the changes to the text correct. And the terms and conditions need another run-through. Still, not bad progress.
One page to go
Posted: 06-08-2017
A revamp of the menus and content on the website means we are now within a very small stonesthrow away from releasing the engine onto an unsuspecting and probably uninterested public. I am unsure what is the best way to approach a release. I will ponder...
And still we creep forwards
Posted: 24-07-2017
Yet more tweaking and then a really unhelpful withdrawl of the mobile platform that we'd been using by Intel (bless them). And despite many attempts to persuade them to make the platform open-source they have decided against.
Therefore, we've had to start all over (not exactly true; it just feels like it!) and recreate the apps. Sounds easy, but it wasn't as simple as all that. Still, we are there now.
Website is now getting ome attention. You'll probably see the changes happening if you look often enough.
Biggish day tomorrow
Posted: 28-11-2015
Tomorrow Styches is getting it's first public outing.
I will be giving a demo of the system to the Oxford Interactive Fiction group; fingers crossed!