I've been playing and coding classic-style adventure games since 1980 (yes, really), but have never completed anything approaching a final product. I've coded in all sorts of languages and on all sorts of hardware. However, I have just come back to attempting to code a 'general purpose' scripting engine to present web based interactive fiction. The purchase of my beloved iPad spurred me to produce a system in which the interaction with the user is via clickable hyperlinks, rather than through a free text keyboard input system.

Somehow, this inteface on a handheld mobile device just doesn't feel natural. There are many graphical adventure style games available for mobile devices (I have played several), but somehow they don't evoke the same level of involvement that a well crafted text only games does. I do appreciate that this is all down to personal preference, but hopefully others may feel the same; hence this site.



The 'Infocom' style font used on this site is called 'Zorque' and was developed by Larabie Fonts. Many thanks to them.

Lilly font courtesy of Apostrophic Lab (website is now offline).

Spectrum colourpicker

The Spectrum colour selection picker was developed by @bgrins.


The Sweet Alert popup code was created by Tristan Edwards


The green-on-black theme is an unashamed throwback to playing Zork I on an Apple ][; my first exposure to text adventures....